Artificial Intelligence

Our integrated technology platform utilizes AI to process data and generate predictions at scale. Built upon cloud computing resources, we have constructed a set of over 40 AI drug research models to conduct comprehensive evaluation of critical drug-like properties of compounds. We also imbed AI modules within the computational chemistry algorithms to improve their calculation efficiency while maintaining the accuracy. For particular targets and compounds, we are able to build customized AI models as necessary to improve the performance of our in silico predictions.

We have developed an AI modeling platform, which equips us with data feature exaction and data mining capabilities. Our AI modeling platform allows us to use various AI prediction models and manage projects through graphical interface.

Our AI research center, XARC, is located in Beijing and consists of cross-disciplinary researchers with diverse expertise in, among others, computer science, chemistry and mathematics, possesses robust expertise in AI, such as deep learning, data mining and multidisciplinary integration to define and address key issues in both the R&D process and the computational algorithms.