Determination of the crystal structures of small drug-like molecules is fundamental for the pharmaceutical industry. Traditional crystal-structure-determination approaches rely on X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques, including single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD).

However, both techniques have limitations: SCXRD requires single crystals in large sizes, which are often difficult to grow, while XRPD requires single-phase crystal powder in regular shape and uniform orientations, which are high requirements for the sample.

Compared to XRD, MicroED uses electron beams with far shorter wavelengths, resulting in stronger diffraction. As such, a small number of micro-sized crystal grains are enough to provide a high-resolution electron diffraction pattern for the crystal structure analysis, considerably lowering the requirements for the crystal sample in terms of shape, size, and sample purity. Moreover, it takes only a few hours to give a reliable solution of crystal structure, much shorter than XRD.

XtalPi – New Generation MicroED

Simple Sample Requirements

Compared to the conventional XRD, MicroED does not require the preparation of a single crystal, thereby lowering the sample requirement for the process. MicroED can also determine the individual structures of components of mixed crystals, which is impossible with XRD.

High-Efficiency Automated Platform

XtalPi offers a new generation of MicroED platform capable of handling a massive amount of jobs in a short period of time. It integrates high-throughput and high-precision sample loading, fully automatic particle targeting, fully automatic photograph, and on-the-fly monitor of data-collection progress capabilities.

Strong Research and Industrial Strength

In XtalPi, the SEM experts can provide reliable and in-depth scientific analysis, and feasible solutions to common problems as well as industrial difficulties. Moreover, XtalPi has stable cooperation with electron microscopy centers of world-famous universities to achieve rapid response to complex and ever-changing business needs.

Effective Solution to Industry Challenges

XtalPi's new-generation MicroED provides a variety of experimental and computational services that effectively address the industry’s needs for property analysis, quality control, and patent protection. Services include processing crystal powder into the required sample for electron microscopy, collection of multiple sets of electron diffraction patterns for the structural analysis, and analysis and determination of the crystal structure of the drug according to its electron diffraction patterns.