Fundamentals of Drug Discovery

1st Edition

Oct 19 & 26
11:00 am – Noon EDT

Fundamentals of Drug Discovery

This 2-week webinar series is for busy pharmaceutical professionals to discuss challenges and advances made in the field of drug discovery. Each webinar will feature a leading expert who will share their real-world experience in supporting discovery chemistry workflows. This series will bring together experts and like-minded chemists to discuss the journey of a molecule from “Hit Identification” to “Lead Optimization” and the factors critical to the success in delivering a suitable “Pre-Clinical Candidate”.

The Power of Aria’s Symphony™ AI Platform

Oct 19 - 11:00 am

Dr. Aaron C. Daugherty
VP of Discovery
Aria Pharmaceuticals

Chemistry in the Fast Lane: The Application of High Throughput Chemistry Technologies for Med Chem Research

Oct 26 - 11:00 am

Dr. Ying Wang
Head of Advanced Chemistry Technologies Group