Renova provides platform support for XtalPi AI Research Center (XARC) and its Al drug R&D efforts.
By supporting tools integration, computational process management, team collaboration, and other aspects, this platform helps researchers effectively manage projects through graphical interface and systematization
facilitates the use of various AI prediction models and visualization of calculation results, which helps accelerate the discovery of new drugs and avoid the molecular defects that can only be found in the clinical stage as early as possible.

Tools Integration

Renova provides various Al models related to new drug discovery, including activity and ADME/T predictions, new drug scaffold design, new binding pocket discovery, and more, and the management of associated computational results. Renova also supports the quick development of specific new models per request.

Workflow Support

Renova provides complete and customizable computing process support, where users can build customized R&D workflows based on specific needs, assemble models, and analyze the predicted results. In addition, Renova provides users with customizable reports to help analyze the results efficiently and quickly.


Renova supports teamwork, allowing data sharing with designated authentication/authorization, computational results sharing, and convenient on-line discussion within the scope of the project, reducing project management/communication overhead costs and improves R&D efficiency while maintaining the efficiency of synchronizing all the information.