Customized AI Model Development

Correlation Analysis

XtalPi currently offers correlation analysis between sequencing data and phenotypes as well as drug-target-disease association analysis, both of which can be customized based on specific requirements. Below are examples of completed collaborations where XtalPi developed machine learning models or built entire AI systems to address the clients’ needs.

  • Correlation analysis between sequencing data and phenotypes
    use AI technology to construct classifiers for different phenotypes. This model achieves over 99% accuracy.
  • Drug-target-disease association analysis
    For drug re-purposing.

Process Optimization

XtalPi has developed an AI-empowered process optimization method which is applicable to a variety of scenarios, including synthesis, cell culture, and screening of crystallization conditions, that require repeated exploration and optimization of experimental conditions. Current applications include:

  • Experimental process optimization
    Based on historical data and AI algorithms, we help our partners find the best experimental conditions efficiently, reducing R&D and production costs.
  • Planting condition optimization for Chinese Traditional Medicine
    XARC worked closely with a leading research institute to build models that optimize planting methods for herbs to improve yield and quality.

Experimental Data Analysis

XtalPi offers deep-learning-based data analysis service of experimental resutls, and get fast results on experimental statistics such as cell count, cell size and shape measurements, and more. These models are integrated in a software and can save the researchers a significant amount of time and effort on these tasks.

AI System Design and Data Integration

XARC has rich experience in industrial Al application, providing technical consultation and customized system and model development services for enterprise users to effectively utilize digital and intelligent tools to address new and existing challenges. We attach great importance to the role of data in the problem-solving process. In our collaborations, we will match the data, models with our customers’ needs to provide the best solution, preparing them for the rapid growth of cutting-edge technologies.

Cloud and Local Deployment

XtalPi provides both cloud and local deployment options for different users to reach an optimum balance between efficiency, cost, and security based on their needs.