Macromolecule Drug Discovery

Comprised of experts in protein science, biochemistry, biophysics, medicinal and computational chemistry, and discovery scientists with expertise in pre-clinical development, our drug R&D team is applying the integrated technology platform-based approach and our practical expertise across a portfolio of internal and external drug discovery programs spanning across a wide range of disease targets and indications. We continue to develop and expand our research capabilities in other drug modalities, including antibodies and RNAs.


We are developing an AI model for the prediction and development of antibodies by assessing aggregation, viscosity, solubility, immunogenicity, stability, expression, and post-translational modification sites. Using features based on protein sequence and structure extraction, we have established models through AI methods that can accurately predict the various exploitability-related properties of antibodies, thereby modifying undesirable properties and avoiding the risk of clinical failure.

Core Technology

Artificial Intelligence Cloud Infrastructure