One-stop Drug Discovery

Deploying our integrated technology platform, we provide one-stop drug discovery services. The services generally cover developmental stages from early hit generation to IND-enabling studies for the initiation of Phase I clinical trials. In addition to one-stop drug discovery services, we establish drug discovery collaborations with drug developers. With our industry-leading, AI-powered capabilities and practical experience, we are able to assist our customers and collaborators to tackle problems efficiently in early drug discovery and development and to conduct discovery of novel therapeutics at a pace and scale beyond those with the traditional wet lab-based approaches.

Among the key factors we use in selecting collaborators are potential conflicts of interest, existence of sufficient structural information on the targets, well-validated nature and high therapeutic potential of the target, amenability of the target to the strengths of our integrated technology platform, and the collaborator's complementary capabilities, all of which we believe contribute to an increased probability of success.

Through access to our integrated technology platform and our practical experience in drug discovery, our collaborators may receive the following key benefits: